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MAX Premium Ceramic Window Film
MAX Premium Ceramic Window Film
MAX Premium Ceramic Window Film
MAX Premium Ceramic Window Film
MAX Premium Ceramic Window Film
MAX Premium Ceramic Window Film
MAX Premium Ceramic Window Film

MAX Premium Ceramic Window Film

Size: 20" X 100'
20" X 100'
24" X 100'
36" X 100'
40" X 100'
60" X 100'
Shade: 5%
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Nano Technology

Nano technology film made from Clear Polyester (Non dyed PET) with Ceramic Particles that boasts great heat rejection and color stability for a lifetime.

Unrivaled Optical Clarity

High grade ceramic particles with optical clear PET provides outstanding clarity and views of both the road and roadside scenery are sharp and clear.

Effortless Shrinking

Excellent wet/dry heat shrink ability.

Protective Material

Scratch resistant, standard black color.

Non-Intrusive UV Blocker

Blocks 99% UV rays with no radio signal interference.

Privacy and interior protection

Cooler temperatures, privacy, and car interior deterioration prevention.

VLT Variety

Tint shades available in 5%, 15%, 20%, 35%, 50%

Lifetime Warranty

Includes color fading, peeling, cracking, delaminating and adhesive failure.

Product Details

Film Layer Construction

Ceramic Film Layer Construction

Detailed Construction: Ceramic Coating with Clear PETSR Hard-Coating/Clear PET Film/CERAMIC Pigment+Special Glue/Clear PET Film/Strong Installation Glue/Release Film(23µM)

Shade Specs


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        Carbon and Ceramic Particle Innovation

        This technology uniquely blends carbon and ceramic particles to create a robust heat barrier, offering easy installation due to its 1.5 mil thickness, a feature that stands out compared to traditional dyed or metalized films.

        Keeps You Comfortable

        Particle Window Tint blocks solar heat radiation to keep your vehicle at a comfortable temperature and improve fuel efficiency.

        Enhanced UV Protection

        TintX window tint is highly effective, blocking over 99% of harmful UV rays, thereby reducing the risk of numerous skin cancers, preventing premature aging, and minimizing skin cell damage.

        Improved Visibility

        Traditionally, achieving cooler interior temperatures meant opting for darker tints. Our advanced multi-layer nano-carbon or ceramic design, however, delivers superior performance without compromising outward visibility.

        Minimizes Sun Glare

        The TintX Window Tint effectively cuts down the glare from the sun, improving visibility and lessening strain on the eyes.

        Uninterrupted Signal Integrity

        In today's digital era, uninterrupted communication is essential. The Carbon and Ceramic Window Tint's design ensures no disruption to radio, cellular, or Bluetooth signal transmissions.

        Attractive Appearance

        The black hue of our Carbon and Ceramic Window Tint selections offers an excellent complement to OEM privacy glass and maintains its consistent color over time.

        Trust in TintX for a long-lasting solution to keep your vehicle cool, comfortable, and protected.


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 65 reviews
        Brian Maldonado
        Amazing tint

        I have done 3 jobs with this tint roll so far and I love the way it shrinks and sticks to the window, the shrinking and application process are seamless and leave great results!


        Love it

        ceramic max tint

        i just started working lexen brand and i love the way it shrinks no nice and easy and easy to work with. I've had nothing but great reviews from customers, i love how it's dark but clean from inside and the visibility is amazing!!!

        Ceramica max premium

        Apena empeze comprar con lexen y sus herramientas son muy bueno y todo pero lo que no me gustó es el color del papel. Muy como café marrón y a mi me gusta que se vea un poco azul o negro y agarré la nano carbon pero 35% y ese si se mira un poco azul pero no note mucho la diferencia porque el que había agarrado era el 5% si me puede ayudar con esto cual me recomienda para agarrar que se no se vea muy marrón o rojos

        Lexen premium ceramic 20%

        Film is great for the price. But it is very blue. No matter what angle as long as the light is hitting it. It had a really blue tint to it. Koolmax which is a bit more expensive doesn’t have any blue tint and is a true charcoal color

        Thank you for your feedback. The bluish hue you've observed is known as low-angle haze, a phenomenon that occurs due to light scattering.
        This is a common characteristic of high-heat rejection films, designed for superior performance.
        Our upcoming upgraded Max Ceramic films will further minimize this bluish hue effect soon.
        We truly value your feedback.
        Should you wish to upgrade, you can return the film in exchange for our Koolmax Ceramic film, which will not exhibit a bluish hue.
        Returns are easy and free within 90 days.

        Daniel Ortiz
        Great product

        I have been a Lexen tint customer for a while now and I have to tell you that their products is great over all. From the carbon tint all the way through there higher ceramic (megamax ultimate ceramic). The color of it looks great and you can see clearly out of it with no haze.


        I like to work with LEXEN. THANK YOU GUYS 👍👍👍

        Jose Lepe
        Easy film

        Great to work with a easy learning curve

        Joe Romero
        great film

        Just started using Lexen films
        Great film so far

        Michael Cantey
        Lexan Ceramic

        Easy to shrink,wet or dry, and my customers love the clarity.Awesome products and tools! Love it all!