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Wagner HT1000 Dual-Temp Heat Gun

Wagner HT1000 Dual-Temp Heat Gun

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The Wagner HT1000 Dual-Temp heat gun is the popular choice among many tinters

for it's good price, high quality, light weight and consistent hot air flow.

Two temperature settings: 750°F and 1100°F / 1200 Watts / 4100 BTUs

The perfect companion tool for tinters to help them complete whatever tasks they need to.

Note: Limit of 4 quantities per customer.



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        Carbon and Ceramic Particle Innovation

        This technology uniquely blends carbon and ceramic particles to create a robust heat barrier, offering easy installation due to its 1.5 mil thickness, a feature that stands out compared to traditional dyed or metalized films.

        Keeps You Comfortable

        Particle Window Tint blocks solar heat radiation to keep your vehicle at a comfortable temperature and improve fuel efficiency.

        Enhanced UV Protection

        TintX window tint is highly effective, blocking over 99% of harmful UV rays, thereby reducing the risk of numerous skin cancers, preventing premature aging, and minimizing skin cell damage.

        Improved Visibility

        Traditionally, achieving cooler interior temperatures meant opting for darker tints. Our advanced multi-layer nano-carbon or ceramic design, however, delivers superior performance without compromising outward visibility.

        Minimizes Sun Glare

        The TintX Window Tint effectively cuts down the glare from the sun, improving visibility and lessening strain on the eyes.

        Uninterrupted Signal Integrity

        In today's digital era, uninterrupted communication is essential. The Carbon and Ceramic Window Tint's design ensures no disruption to radio, cellular, or Bluetooth signal transmissions.

        Attractive Appearance

        The black hue of our Carbon and Ceramic Window Tint selections offers an excellent complement to OEM privacy glass and maintains its consistent color over time.

        Trust in TintX for a long-lasting solution to keep your vehicle cool, comfortable, and protected.


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 21 reviews
        Matthew Hickerson
        *Outstanding Performance and Versatility: Wagner Heat Gun Review*

        I recently purchased the Wagner heat gun, and it has exceeded all my expectations in terms of performance, ease of use, and versatility. This tool has quickly become an essential part of my DIY toolkit.

        **Powerful and Efficient Heating**: The Wagner heat gun heats up remarkably fast and provides consistent, high-intensity heat. Whether I’m stripping paint, bending plastic, or thawing frozen pipes, this heat gun handles the task effortlessly. The adjustable temperature settings allow for precise control, which is crucial for different applications.

        **User-Friendly Design**: One of the standout features of the Wagner heat gun is its ergonomic design. It’s lightweight and well-balanced, making it comfortable to hold for extended periods. The built-in stand is a thoughtful addition, providing a safe place to rest the heat gun when it’s hot or cooling down.

        **Versatile Applications**: I’ve used the Wagner heat gun for everything from shrinking tubing to removing adhesives, and it performs flawlessly each time. The wide range of temperatures and airflow settings make it adaptable to a variety of projects.

        **Durability and Reliability**: The build quality of the Wagner heat gun is impressive. It feels robust and durable, and so far, it has withstood regular use without any signs of wear. It’s clear that this tool is built to last, which is reassuring for anyone looking to invest in a high-quality heat gun.

        **Conclusion**: Overall, the Wagner heat gun is a top-notch tool that delivers on its promises. It’s powerful, versatile, and user-friendly, making it perfect for both professional use and DIY projects. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable heat gun for a wide range of applications.


        Great value fast shipping



        jamie Nichol
        Good quality heat gun for the price

        I get them for free all the time for ordering so much and I love these things we have a pile of them on hand at all times and they do there job


        Love it


        Works well


        helping me get better at tinting windowns

        Jr tintz
        Heat Gun

        Perfect! Love the little hanger it has on top for easy storage !

        Nothing but the best from lexen!!!

        Top notch!